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Category: Games, Arcade
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Latest Version: 5.0.2 update 8 months ago
Requirements: Android 4.2+
Age: 12+
Size: 148.77 Mb


Screenshot Hungry Shark WorldScreenshot Hungry Shark WorldScreenshot Hungry Shark WorldScreenshot Hungry Shark WorldScreenshot Hungry Shark WorldScreenshot Hungry Shark WorldScreenshot Hungry Shark WorldScreenshot Hungry Shark World
Hungry Shark World from Ubisoft Entertainment is an arcade in which the player acts as a shark, always hungry and devouring everything in its path. Whether it's small fishes or whole turtles, it does not matter, most importantly, to get enough and earn as much gold coins as possible. They fall out of certain types of prey, and crystals, for which special purchases are available in the store, are even rarer. For a mobile graphics application deserves praise, 3D picture looks harmonious on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Control touch, carried out by the joystick, located on the side, it does not interfere with the overall review of the game.
The underwater world in the game Hungry Shark World is diverse and realistic, here you can meet many inmates and feast on them from the heart. The player's shark can jump out of the water to catch a pelican or even a human. For them, more coins are given, and they will be useful for further upgrading. Having collected a certain number of coins, you can pump speed, bite force and acceleration. They will help to get more food and develop a character.
In the game Hungry Shark World, in addition to improvements, there are some accessories in the store, they can decorate their shark, making it unique and original. For a special currency - crystals, other cards are available, and having reached a certain level and collecting a lot of gold, you can buy a shark a lot, there are a lot of them. In order to have everything at once, the Donat is added to the game, i.e. the player will be able to buy for real money almost everything that you need to earn a lot during the game. Given that there are bloody scenes, the game is not recommended for young children, although the shark looks funny and makes faces.

  • smooth graphics;
  • ability to purchase;
  • game offline;
  • free Download.

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